Mean-spirited story about our dear Fr. Mercer

Fr. Stephen Smuts has been doing a great job gathering various interesting bits of information about Ordinariate-related (pro-and con) stories at his blog.   He came across this mean-spirited one about our dear former Bishop Robert Mercer, now Fr. Mercer.

He writes:

At the risk of sounding  tabloidish over here, it seems as if Fr Robert Mercer’s accommodation is coming under scrutiny in the British media now that he has become a Ordinariate Priest. It all seems rather petty to me, but here’s the issue:

An Anglican monastery struggling for funds bought a flat for a member who  later converted to Catholicism.

The Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield yesterday defended its support  for Father Robert Mercer – who left the Church of England because he opposed the  ordination of women priests.

The monastery bought a £160,000 flat in Worthing near Brighton to allow him  to be close to his sick sister.

But the community is also trying to raise £2m for a major revamp of its home  on Stocksbank Road.

The Examiner was contacted by a source who is unhappy with the  arrangement.

The complainant said: “This fully ordained Roman Catholic priest who, as a  Roman Catholic cannot recognise the legitimacy of the Anglican Eucharist,  remains a brother of an Anglican religious community.

“He continues to live in the apartment, which is now effectively being used  for Roman Catholic purposes.

“The Community of the Resurrection has been endeavouring to raise some £2m  for the refurbishment of its church.

There’s more.  But I guess this story should be a reminder to all of us –especially me as I have been basking in a kind of pre-and post-reception into the Catholic Church peace—that the enemy of our souls is still really busy on this file and stirring up pettiness, bitterness and dissension anywhere he can.  Let’s not forget to stay watchful and prayerful.

Fr. Stephen also had a story about the ordination of a new ACA bishop.  


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5 Responses to Mean-spirited story about our dear Fr. Mercer

  1. conchurl says:

    As I’ve rather pointedly asked elsewhere; why has this become an issue now given Fr Mercer hasn’t been in communion with Canterbury since 1988?

  2. As someone pointed out elsewhere, the complainer seems to be more annoyed with Fr. Mercer’s becoming a Roman Catholic than anything else

  3. A Parishioner of St Agatha's says:

    Fr Mercer is very enthusiastic about his membership of the Community of the Resurrection. Members of the community attended his recent ordination at St John’s Cathedral and Fr Mercer continues to wear his habit in his interim role of parish priest at at Agatha’s.

    • Stephen says:

      To add to and reinforce what “A Parishioner of St Agatha’s” says, I have been told that the Community of the Resurrection is quite satisfied with Fr Robert Mercer’s living arrangements. The complainant neither speaks for them nor echoes their view on the matter.

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