Pictures of our Ottawa parish’s reception into the Catholic Church

I see that this blog has been mentioned in the latest Annunciator, the bulletin of the Sodality of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a source for pictures of our reception into the Catholic Church at St. Patrick’s Basilica on April 15.  But someone at the parish visited here and was unable to find them as so many other posts have buried them!

So here are links to pictures and posts:

A link to audio (and some video) recordings of the entire Mass.

The Catholic Register story.

Pictures by Paul Lauzon of Campaign Life

Archbishop Prendergast’s homily

LifeSiteNews reports

Pictures by Robert Du Broy

More pictures by Robert Du Broy

My pictures from the day

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2 Responses to Pictures of our Ottawa parish’s reception into the Catholic Church

  1. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    Aha! Caught! Caught with a camera inside a church!


    • Mr. Perkins! Guilty as charged. I was not going to take pictures of our event, just going to experience it to the full. But then I noticed I had a front corner seat and a vantage point none of the other photographers had, so out came my camera. But I didn’t take many pictures.

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