Why not order a signed copy of my novel The Defilers for summer reading?

If you are looking for a good read over the summer holidays, why not order a copy of my suspense novel The Defilers?  I just received a couple of boxes as my supply had run out and if you click on the button below, you can order a personalized signed copy for $20 that will including shipping and handling to destinations in North America.

For some reason the Buy Now PayPal button is not appearing on this blog. So follow the link to find it.

The novel manuscript was vetted for theology by Msgr. Robert Mercer, the former Metropolitan Bishop of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada, for theology and parts concerning the RCMP by former RCMP member and chaplain Dr. Allen Churchill and the parts concerning demonic deliverance by Pastor Penn Clark who has first hand experience in that area.

Last year, I gave copies to the keynote speakers at the Anglicanorum Coetibus Conference in Mississauga, Dominican theologican Fr. Aidan Nichols and Fr. Christopher Phillips, founder of the first Anglican Use parish in the United States, Our Lady of the Atonement in San Antonio, Texas.

Here’s what Fr. Nichols had to say, which I reprint with his permission:

Dear Deborah, I quite forgot to say how I’d been completely unable to put your novel down once I started reading. You might like to know that reading it through takes exactly the time of the Toronto to London flight! Thank you very much for putting it into my hands. fr Aidan


Fr. Phillips wrote me this:

“What a page-turner! And it was the perfect length…I started it in the Toronto airport, and finished as we were on our descent into San Antonio. It was great… Thanks!”

Read what else people have said about The Defilers here. An excerpt here.

If you’d like to buy an unsigned copy, you can go here or find it on Amazon here. Canadians can find it at Amazon.ca here.

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1 Response to Why not order a signed copy of my novel The Defilers for summer reading?

  1. Don Henri says:

    Well, beeing in France I’ll do with the non personalized… Looking forward to read it (also, I’ll be able to tell you if it has been easy or not to read by someone not completely fluent in English such as me).
    + PAX et BONUM

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