On spiritual direction

I would like to hear from those who have a spiritual director.   How did you find your spiritual director?  What has it been like?  How did you know this particular individual was good for you?  What insights have you gained?

From those who are spiritual directors  (and I know you are out there reading this!),  how did you become a spiritual director?  What training did you have?   How do you make sure you are not getting in God’s way with a person by resisting the urge to play Holy Spirit in someone’s life?  What are the benefits and snags of spiritual direction?

How big a role should spiritual direction play in Anglican patrimony within the Ordinariates?

If anyone wants to write me privately and anonymously, I would be happy to create new Silent Majority Member identities.

In the meantime, there is a poem, among many lovely poems published recently at the Cavalier’s Commonplace Book, that is entitled The Rep, with includes this line:

“The man who is his own spiritual director is counselor to a fool.”

Your thoughts?



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