Pictures of our Ottawa Parish Picnic coming

In the rush yesterday to get my cooler, a change of clothes and lawn chairs into the car before church yesterday, I forgot to bring my camera to the parish picnic yesterday afternoon.

I did bring my BlackBerry and took several photos with my wonderful phone but I have not figured out how to send the photos in an easy fashion to my PC and laptop except by emailing them individually.   Thus it may take a little longer to post them here than usual.

We had a wonderful picnic that included some newcomers, relatives and former parishioners as well as a good representation from our regular members.  The weather threatened rain every now and then; there was even a burst of thunder and sudden wind, but that was followed by sunshine, strangely enough, and many went into the pool to swim.

The picnic took place at former Bishop Carl and Barbara Reid’s home in the country south of the city where Carl has displayed his talents as a master gardener.  His older brother and wife brought their barbecue rig, complete with trailer, tents, and tables and set it up on the driveway in front of the house.  It’s always great to see them every year and they have helped make the event special.  Of course, Carl as the younger brother comes in for some teasing.

Three priests from the Companions of the Cross who have been coming in to celebrate Mass for us while we wait for our former clergy to be ordained as Catholic priests came to our picnic.  The General Superior Scott McCaig showed up on a motorcycle.  But I didn’t get a picture of that.

Alas, our mentor priest and chief celebrant Fr. Francis Donnelly was out of town this week.  He heads to Houston soon on a new assignment to work out of the Catholic Charismatic Centre there.  We will say goodbye to him next Sunday.  We have been so blessed by him and by the Companions and it is wonderful they seem to like hanging out with us!   I hope Fr. Francis will look up our Ordinary, Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson when he arrives in Houston.   Msgr. Steenson will find him a wonderful source of encouragement and hope.  And he’s a canon lawyer to boot.

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