The Holy Spirit brings unity and the devil divides and throws up obstacles

Got another response from SMM4, who was at Portsmouth for the historic signing of the 2007 Petition for Unity by the Traditional Anglican Communion College of Bishops on the altar of St. Agatha’s.

SMM4 writes:

Fr Anthony writes

“I was present at the meeting in Portsmouth, and one thing I noticed is that most of the TAC bishops were spellbound. I saw very little in the way of critical reflection, but rather the phenomenon of jumping onto a bandwagon.”

Spell bound?  Well it was very quiet, and we knew I think that we were at a moment of some historical significance.  Bandwagon –‘seeking to join the party that seems likely to win’ as the OED defines it?  I don’t think so.  The mode was very sober until the end. I did wonder how many of the men had read the CCC, but there was a long period of time for people to say, ‘No, stop, I don’t know much about this’, but no one did. There was absolutely no manipulation by +John, he was in fact extremely quiet.  It had been a grey morning outside but as we came to the end and the votes took place and the hymns sung the sunshine streamed through the upper windows of St Agatha’s and it seemed like a sign. Strong men cried – literally!

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1 Response to The Holy Spirit brings unity and the devil divides and throws up obstacles

  1. I can only say what my impression was. I may have been mistaken. Oh well, let the TAC bishops have their trial in India and we’ll see what happens… My mind is open.

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