Bowdlerized collects in the Book of Divine Worship

From Anglican Use News, Steve Cavanaugh writes:

Msgr Edwin Barnes, on his blog Ancient Richborough, recently reported on a meeting with his Ordinary Msgr. Newton. In the comments that followed the post, I found the following:

21 October 2012 18:20

As for being in touch with Anglican roots and English traditional culture – are a hymn book and former Anglican personnel enough? Have not the Americans of the Pastoral Provision set a good example by adapting the Book of Common Prayer and the King James’ Bible for Catholic Use with the Book of Divine Worship?

October 2012 19:36

A good example for America, maybe; but not for former Anglo-Catholics in England. The rich treasury of Tudorbethan English has largely passed us by. No doubt we shall learn (or in the case of the very elderly, like me, relearn) to value BCP’s cadences – but only when we have a version of the Mass authorised for our use. To try to use the Book of Divine Worship will not do – its bowdlerised BCP collects, for instance, grate on the ears of those who have used the Book of Common Prayer in times past. Meanwhile, the Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham (approved by our Ordinary)is a good place for us to begin.

I was surprised by the phrase “bowdlerised BCP collects”. Is that really the case?

Go on over to read the rest and some side-by-side comparisons.  I find this kind of amusing, because where could one find more bowdlerized collects than in the previous, dynamic equivalent translation of the Roman Missal that the Anglo-Catholics in Britain were happily using?

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2 Responses to Bowdlerized collects in the Book of Divine Worship

  1. Part of the patrimony of catholicism in the C of E has turned out to be cloth-eared imperviousness to the cadences of the AV and BCP, alas! alas!

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