Charles A Coulombe writes about the newly canonized saints

In the libertarian Taki Magazine.  Here’s an excerpt:

But canonization in the Catholic Church is a rigorous process requiring several steps. The person’s writings (if any) and life are scrutinized carefully for any hint of scandal or heresy. Outside pressure can delay this stage, as has happened with the causes of Queen Isabel of Spain and Fr. Leon Dehon, whose memories have been attacked with charges of anti-Semitism.

“It is said that there is a different saint for every personality type and position in life.”

Once this stage is completed, the individual is declared to have lived a life of “heroic virtue” and is then given the moniker “Venerable.”

Now comes the spooky side of things. To prove the individual is in heaven interceding for the faithful, miracles (usually medical cures) must be proved to have come about through prayer to the person in question. For a cure to be deemed a miracle, doctors must certify that it was impossible according to modern medicine; non-Catholic doctors are preferred for this role today. In themselves, these things would be great fodder for paranormal cable shows. When one such miracle is approved, the individual is beatified; two more (though it may be reduced to one) and the ceremony of canonization ensues. Each one of the October Seven went through this process.

Please go on over and read the whole thing!

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3 Responses to Charles A Coulombe writes about the newly canonized saints

  1. Sorry to be pedantic, but Taki magazine is more Paleocon (see than libertarian.

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  3. Foolishness says:

    You may be right. It’s not politically correct, whatever Taki Magazine is. My friend Kathy Shaidle writes for it. She is deliberately not politically correct.

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