The signing of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

And the Portsmouth Petition of 2007 at St. Agatha’s

On Oct. 26,  Anglican Catholic Christian wrote the following in the comments section of Fr. Stephen Smuts’ blog:

Anglican Catholic Christian says:

The comments by Patrick -TAC cannot in any circumstances be sanctioned or condoned.

However, the following statement by Ms. Gyapong is not only provocative, but is also not true.

” I understand Hepworth has tried three times to get in writing what the exact charges are and still has not heard. ”

The process server in Adelaide who delivered the documents in person to Bishop Hepworth on 30 July 2012 just after 2pm might be amused.


Well, of course, I decided I would have to check my facts further to find out whether Archbishop Hepworth was in fact served with papers that contain the charges.  Above all, my interest is in the truth, not blind loyalty to any individual.

Yes, Anglican Catholic Christian is right.  +Hepworth was in fact served with papers on the day in question.

I now have a scanned version of the documents which +Hepworth received in July.  When I can figure out how to post them as they are in PDF format, I will do so.   However, I could find  no specific charges in this document, only:

“Eight Bishops of the COLLEGE OF BISHOPS of the TRADITIONAL ANGLICAN COMMUNION have brought charges against Archbishop John Anthony Hepworth for promoting activity contrary to the fundamental declarations or ruling principles of the Concordat of the TRADITIONAL ANGLICAN COMMUNION.”

(The caps are in the original document).  There is no reference to what those charges are in this document unless there is some fine print I have missed in a cursory reading.   This document, sent by acting Primate Samuel Prakesh, is mainly a notice of the upcoming tribunal hearing.

It also assesses all the costs of the tribunal—the travel to India of the other tribunal members–to Archbishop Hepworth, who is as I understand, surviving on his old age pension from the Australian government.  It says that if he does not come forth with the money, the tribunal will be held by teleconference, which is what I suspect happened.

I have been informed Hepworth’s response to these papers served on him last July was to write Prakesh and ask for: details of the charges against him;  for a copy of the document the eight bishops had signed against him; and details of the rules supporting the establishment of such a tribunal.  He also explained the difficulties of getting a visa for travel to India on such short notice.

We have heard vague allegations floating around the Internet of financial irregularities.  I wonder now how much the financial irregularities complained of have to do with the spending of money towards the unity project, which perhaps now the TAC College of Bishops considers to be a violation of the Concordat or other founding documents.

Are the charges in effect this: Hepworth led the TAC into “absorption” into the Roman Catholic Church, and the TAC decided, no thanks, it wants to remain an Anglican body and wants to recoup the money the primacy spent on unity with Rome, which primacy was mostly financed by monies from the Anglican Catholic Church of Australia and the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada?

It also goes back to whether the TAC is/was an ecclesial body that modeled itself on Catholic Churches, insofar as the bishops determine faith and morals, or a conglomeration of congregationalist churches where the lay people also call the shots by democratic votes.  I thought the lesson of Canterbury Communion ecclesial communities was enough to disabuse the TAC of the wisdom of having lay people and clergy vote on faith and morals.







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6 Responses to The signing of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

  1. Andrew says:

    That is incredible footage!

    I look forward to reading the full charges brought by these same men for anti-TAC activities.

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  4. BCCatholic says:

    You have mentioned before that Hepworth is “surviving on his old age pension”. But he was a university academic, later administrator, for a total of 17 years, . His wife is a university professor. I find it hard to believe he is living on pet food.

  5. A Parishioner of St Agatha's says:

    Fascinating to see this again!

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