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Fr. Aidan Nichols on the Ordinariates and New Evangelization

Msgr. Robert Mercer CR also sent me the text of a talk Fr. Aidan Nichols OP gave at an Ordinariate-sponsored conference in London on Nov. 9. So far here’s what the UK Ordinariate’s website said about the event on its … Continue reading

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Prayers for Fr. John Hunwicke

Fr. John Hunwicke fell while on a trip to Rome and is now in hospital after surgery for a broken upper arm ( if I have my facts wrong please correct me). Please join me in praying for his speedy … Continue reading

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John Zmirak has some suggestions to fight back against those who do not faithfully observe Advent

Bill Tighe called this amusing article by one of my favorite American Catholic writers John Zmirak on an Advent Plan for a Non-People Person over at the National Catholic Register. I’m generally a people person but I am as offended … Continue reading

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Blessing the bells at St. Agatha’s

I have been  in the United States, celebrating Thanksgiving with family members who live in the Boston area.   Now we’re back and I can catch up a little on this poorly neglected blog. A letter from Msgr. Robert Mercer … Continue reading

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The good sense of the lay faithful

Bill Tighe sent around the following vote breakdown regarding the Church of England vote on women bishops. In favour of female bishops Bishops: 44 Clergy: 148 Laity: 132 Against Bishops: 3 Clergy: 45 Laity: 74 Abstentions Bishops: 2 Clergy: 0 … Continue reading

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The sharing of gifts Pope Benedict XVI envisioned in Anglicanorum coetibus

I loved writing this story up for the Catholic papers.  Here it is published at B.C. Catholic: One might think putting the Companions of the Cross, a relatively new charismatic order of priests in charge of a traditional Anglican Use … Continue reading

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Pilgrimage to Rome in February

I am trying to get some official information from the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter on the proposed pilgrimage to Rome in February. Unofficially, I hear that it has been postponed to perhaps September, though the Our … Continue reading

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The SoCon blog reviews my novel The Defilers

My poor novel, which has hovered around 3 million in ranking and even dipped to the terrible 4 millionth zone on, just got reviewed by the blog. Maybe if a couple of people buy the book, my rankings … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Msgr. Bettencourt! –now Head of Protocol in the Vatican

This appointment is such good news.   OTTAWA, Ontario – Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Msgr. Jose Bettencourt, a native of Portugal who grew up in Ottawa, as the Holy See’s head of protocol. Msgr. Bettencourt is only the second … Continue reading

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Please support Dr. Steve Tourloukis’ legal battle

Steve Tourloukis, a Hamilton, Ontario dentist is an unsung hero who is risking everything to protect his children from indoctrination into the subjective nonsense of multiple sexual orientations and gender theory in elementary school classrooms.  I heard him speak on … Continue reading

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