Fr Longenecker on the problem with listening too much

He writes:

I was watching Marcus Grodi’s interview with Msgr. Steenson, the Ordinary of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter the other morning, and Msgr Steenson observed that in the  Episcopal Church things went down the drain because whenever there was a controversial issue the leadership of the church urges everyone to “listen” to the experiences of those who were unhappy. The narrative was that the hierarchy of the church were cut off from “real people” that their “rules” alienated these “real people” and that by “listening” they would be able to respond with more sensitivity and care.

It all sounds very nice and cozy and caring. However, beneath this sweet exterior is a revolutionary agenda for the people the church hierarchy are to listen to are not just the poor, the homeless, the bereaved and dying–not just the immigrant and the victims of war and persecution, but we are also expected to “listen” to the women and  the homosexuals. There is a very subtle bit of chicanery going on here. Women and homosexuals are put into the same category as the poor, sick and needy, and the call is not just to listen to women and homosexuals, but to listen to a particular brand of women and homosexuals: the feminists and homosexualists.

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3 Responses to Fr Longenecker on the problem with listening too much

  1. Well stated Msgr. Steenson!

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  3. BCCatholic says:

    Yes, I heard Newt Gingrich make this point (Longenecker’s elaboration, not Msgr Steenson’s, necessarity) in his interview with Piers Morgan last night. This is clearly a conservative “talking point” at the moment.

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