A look at some of Pope Francis’ prior views

A Spanish-speaking friend of mine gave me permission to post the following:

“With the election of our new Holy Father, there has been a lot of new stories on how Pope Francis will ‘renew’  the Church and reverse many of her teachings. These stories have came out due to the fact that our Pope was relatively unknown prior to his election. I have started to read this book published in 2010 . It was based on a taped conversation between Rabbi Skorka and Cardinal Bergoglio. I thought I will share some of the ‘cultural hot buttons’ that I found in the book. From reading his responses, I believe Pope Francis to be a man who is truly humble and sees himself as somebody who is really in search of God’s will by using his intellect as well as his trust in God’s Spirit to guide him. At the same, he is truly pastoral in his approach. My sense is that Cardinal Bergoglio took a very pastoral approach given the fact he was very immersed among the members of his diocese and this approach, in turn, colored his conclusions In any case, here are in short some of my few findings (not in a particular order):

1) He believes in Global warming as one of our current ecological problems facing man, yet he does not develop the idea – p 13
2) …However, Man is above nature and is made to dominate it – p 20
3) God calls everybody to Himself regardless of country or culture but Judeo-Christians have that personal relationship with Him. It is sad Christians are not united – p 23
4) Tradition is non-negotiable – p 28
5) Any religious leader must be humble, not self-assured and not rigorist – p 32
6) Celibacy needs to be cherished and is very important. At the present, no need to change the rules – p 43
7) Liturgies are not a social event, they are to link to the spiritual, encounter with God – p 48
8) Public sinners can be denied communion but proving the hypocrisies may be very difficult. He prefers not to give the communion himself when public sinners are present so they ‘don’t get the photograph with him’ – p 53
9) Fundamentalism from either left or right is wrong. Religiosity too rigid is wrong. – p 57
10) Euthanasia is wrong. It is also wrong not to provide the needs for the sick – p 70
11) Priesthood is for men only but the role of women is based on the role of Mary: mother of the Lord, Church and soul. There are great women in the history of the Church–p 77
12) Abortion is wrong based on science and moral law – p 81
13) Divorced and remarried Catholics are not excommunicated and are called to join in the life of the parish despite their irregular situation with the Church (there is not specific mention in the book about receiving communion but it is implied that they are still outside the reception of the sacrament) – p 83
14) The priest does not have the right to impose himself in the private lives of people but can call into question certain issues. God has given us freedom in everything even to the point of sinning so we need to do likewise. However, the priest still needs to speak clearly on issues of values, obligations, commandments, but never impose spiritually or pastorally. On these lines, in regards to same sex marriage he separates private unions vs. marriage, the latter, which also involves adoption, is unacceptable. For the former situation, he does not elaborate – p 87
15) Religious Truth does not change, but it develops and growths such as examples as slavery and death penalty – p. 90
16) Science needs to be autonomous but ethical; and should never go beyond its realm of activity nor into the transcendent – p 93
17) Religion needs to be part of school education even in public ones but it needs to be taught in a respectful manner towards all religions. Maybe having representatives of different faiths – p 94 ss
18) We are called to political action for building up the good of the country – p 99
19) Clericalism must be avoided. Church has a role to teach the values to the society – p 101
20) A good thing for the Church was the loss of the Pontifical States and other material temptations – p 108
21) Communism is wrong. Capitalism can be perverse as well: trying to domesticate religion by making it to  attach to worldly goals –p 108
22) A healthy diversity is good p –115
23) Private property is good but it must have a social component within justice p- 116
24) Christians must have a compromise toward the poor who is based on a person-to-person relationship, not only through charity organizations. First duty is to provide for the need of the poor but there has to be work to integrate the poor into the life of the community. Great temptation is to be paternalistic, that is wrong. – p 121
25) He defends Pious XII for his role in the Holocaust based on his own readings and he also supports the opening of the Vatican Archives to know all the truth about this event in history – p 130
26) He admires Vatican II for taking a strong position against anti-Semitism – p 134
27) In resolving Christian differences, he refers to German theologian Oskar Cullman that part of the solution is to start by walking together, working together, praying together to create dialogue without negating the diverse traditions yet not falling into syncretism. – p 155
28) Through out its history, Catholicism has evolved without altering the dogmas. It has to adapt to  new times. ‘Little parishes’, communities like the first Christians, is key for the Christian identity to develop within each individual – p 162
29) Catholic communities are not NGOs. They exist to encourage the religious experience – p 161
30) Religious leaders are here to serve and suffer for his brothers. People like Mother Teresa are revolutionaries that renew the religious experience. Public well-accepted piety is important as well as witnessing and evangelizing, not proselytising p. -161
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12 Responses to A look at some of Pope Francis’ prior views

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  2. Not much I can disagree with here! Of course, some clarification of terminology in certain phrases which appear positive to me ( #4 & # 7) perhaps could also be read in a negative interpretation.

  3. antony says:

    “8) Public sinners can be denied communion but proving the hypocrisies may be very difficult. He prefers not to give the communion himself when public sinners are present so they ‘don’t get the photograph with him’ – p 53”

    Our Pope Francis also shows he has street smarts by avoiding that so desired photo op sought after by so called catholic politicians who openly display their defiance to the Magesterium.

    • Micha Elyi says:

      I wonder if the bishop’s dodge extends to all the ministers of Holy Communion. And more dangerous than a photo opportunity with a bishop is the photo and scandal of “public sinners” with the Holy Eucharist.

      • Rev22:17 says:


        You wrote: I wonder if the bishop’s dodge extends to all the ministers of Holy Communion. And more dangerous than a photo opportunity with a bishop is the photo and scandal of “public sinners” with the Holy Eucharist.

        I think that you missed the point. The bishops of the church collectively constitute the magisterium. Thus, published photographs of government officials whose political positions and actions violate the moral doctrine of the church, receiving communion, or any other sacrament, from the bishop personally gives the public impression of official sanction, or at least tolerance, of their political views by the magisterium in a way that reception of the same sacrament from another minister does not. Further, the traditional major media, which lean very heavily left at least here in the States, are quite eager to support like-minded officials by publishing such photographs very prominently.

        Several years ago, the late Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts managed to get into the queue to receive communion from Cardinal Bernard Law, who was then Archbishop of Boston, during a memorial service. The photographs appeared on Page 1 of the Boston Globe and video clips appeared on the evening news of the major networks and their local affiliates. The result was immediate scandal. Had he received communion from a presbyter, a decaon, or an extraordinary minister, the media would not have perceived it as newsworthy. And unfortunately, this is far from an isolated incident of widespread publication of photographs of political officials who actions in office are contrary to moral doctrine receiving sacraments from bishops.

        So let’s credit the new pope with good judgement for avoiding the situation in which Vice President Joe Biden and U. S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Peoples’ Republic of San Francisco), who led the diplomatic delegation from the United States at his mass of installation, and both of whom are pro-abortion even though purporting to be Catholic, might have been photographed coming to him to receive communion.


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  6. louise says:

    “Tradition is non-negotiable”

    The Conciliar Vatican II church has had a good time erasing Tradition wherever and whenever they can. And it’s only going to get worse.

    • Rev22:17 says:


      You wrote: The Conciliar Vatican II church has had a good time erasing Tradition wherever and whenever they can.

      Actually, not. Rather, the Second Vatican Council restored orthodox practice that had been masked by major innovations during the period from the eighth to twelfth centuries. Far from “erasing” (your term) the true tradition, this recovers it.

      It’s true that there were many abuses that appeared in the post-concilliar period, especially on the part of individuals who used the purported “Spirit of Vatican II” as justification for novelty. Thankfully, the preponderance of those abuses have been corrected.


  7. Rock says:

    Here is 4:

    For me also the essence of what remains is in the testimony of the parents. In our case, that of the apostles. In the third and fourth centuries theologically formulated truths of faith revealed and transmitted that are not negotiable, inheritance. That does not mean that throughout history for study and research, will does not spare lights finding those truths as Jesus, as Jesus is configured as configured Church as the true Christian behavior, such as commandments. All this praise is enriched with explanations. Some things are debatable, but – again – the inheritance is not negotiated. The content of religious faith is likely to be deepened by human thought, but when that deepening collides with inheritance is heresy. Anyway, religions tune some expressions with time, although it is a slow process for the sacred bond we have with the inheritance received. Such is the respect that we must be careful not to screw it up by going too fast. Medieval theologian expressed so progress in the understanding of inheritance, the revelation received: “The legitimate ruler of all progress and all growing right standard are that heredity is consolidated through the ages, is developed with the passage the years and grow over time. ” Answers with the heritage received the new issue of the day takes time and when issues of conscience are played. When I was a kid to a divorced family usually does not House, treading it is less if they returned to get married. Today the Pope invites those who are in a new union to participate in the life of the Church. He asks them to pray, to work in parish communities, in works of charity. By the fact that they are aside from a command does not delete them baptism. I admit that the pace can keep the speed of social change, but leaders Saints, those who are looking for the voice of God, must take the necessary time to be finding the answers. Also there is a risk of other mixing interests economic, cultural, geopolitical. It must be able to distinguish.’

    Sorry for the translation.

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  9. The Flash says:

    Sorry, Our pope encourages sin!

    But sir, so many children abused in the Church!

    Pope Francis “Who am I to Judge?”

    Did not the Lord give you authority! and what about the many countless victims? no justice for them!

    Pope Francis ” Gay clergy should be forgiven and their sins forgotten”

    There is no way I’m going to bring my children to be blessed or receive communion or go to confession before a so called gay clergy or queer priest in the house of the Lord. It’s a disgrace!!! no regard for the countless numbers of children and families who have been molested and french kissed by these demonic queers in the church.
    No regard for these suffering people whatsoever!
    The millions upon millions of dollars spent to protect and keep these stink en jackass queers comfortable, when all this money should have gone to the poor needy and homeless!!

    It is illegal for this so called gay clergy to perform any ceremonial services to the faithful, let alone dress up in holy e tire.

    This pope is a bum blasting jackass! a deceiver! one who speaks not the word of the Lord.
    A BIG DOSE OF TRUTH MIXED WITH A BIG LIE. And the gull to say this, returning from youth day!
    So shall the Lord come with swift justice to all those who agree with this brown stained pope.

    U can bet on that!
    In Jesus Mary and Joseph Thy Will Be Done, Amen and Amen (*)

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