An Irish Ordinariate?

Fr. Stephen Smuts has an intriguing post about efforts in Ireland to get an Irish Ordinariate for Anglo-Catholics and uncovered Fr. O’s blog:

Fr. O writes:

little by little …

The word is getting out about my attempt to provide a forum for discussion about the idea of an Ordinariate for Ireland. I sent the Personal Ordinariate of our Lady of the Southern Cross (the Australian Ordinariate) an email explaining what I was doing; they responded by very kindly putting a link to this blog on their homepage. That link has already brought quite a few curious visitors to this site. This is a very positive outcome: there are a great many people who are Irish or of Irish extraction in Australia, & many of them have friends and family in this country. If I could ask those to let those they are in contact in Ireland know about this blog ….One of those visitors, Fr Stephen Smuts, responded to that link by posting a piece about this effort on his own blog. Very kind and generous of him, and it also has generated some visitors. There was even a short discussion taking place in the combox of Fr Smuts blog about what was going on here, to which I responded:

Fr Stephen,
Thanks for your link … & the effort you went to to try and find out what was going on!
The blog is my personal effort to try and encourage people to think about establishing an Ordinariate in Ireland and to provide a forum for discussion around the subject. Every little helps to get the word out, so thank you for your contribution!
As you quite rightly point out, there are not a huge number of Anglo-Catholics in Ireland; & a great many of those would be of the ‘liberal catholic’ persuasion for whom the Ordinariate would not be likely to offer much attraction. However, even if there are only a few, it is worth discussing. When two or three are gathered together …
@Don, I haven’t had any discussions with the UK Ordinariate on the idea you mention, but if I did achieve what you suggest (ie an Irish parish of the UK Ordinariate) I wouldn’t consider that a poor outcome! I have no idea as yet if that would be possible … this project is at an very early stage.
If all reading this could keep my efforts in their prayers it would be greatly appreciated.
Well, I would suggest Fr. O contact the Nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Charles Brown.   He worked at CDF under both then Cardinal Ratzinger and Cardinal Levada and is familiar with all aspects of the Anglicanorum coetibus file.  Here’s a picture of then Msgr. Brown in 2008 that I took in the courtyard of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).  I was attending the Church Up Close Seminar and Msgr. Brown gave us a tour of the dicastery and explained what it does.
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11 Responses to An Irish Ordinariate?

  1. Fr.O is no doubt from the Church of Ireland, itself a so-called province of the Anglican Communion. It is most certainly moving (or really has already moved) in liberal circles these days!

  2. Fr O says:

    Thanks for your post about what I am doing. In this ‘little by little’ effort, every little helps.

    • Rev22:17 says:

      Fr. O,

      You wrote: Thanks for your post about what I am doing. In this ‘little by little’ effort, every little helps.

      I will support your efforts to form an ordinariate in Ireland in whatever way I can, beginning with prayer.

      You might do well to seek the assistance of Msgr. Keith Newton, Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, with this effort. Having walked this path before you, he undoubtedly can offer practical pointers and make introductions that will facilitate the process. It’s also quite possible that the most practical way forward might be to form a deanery of that ordinariate that could split off as a separate ordinariate when it becomes sustainable.

      May God bless your efforts!


      • Fr O says:

        Thanks Norm. I’ve been in email contact with Msgr Newton already. As to the deanery idea, I’m not ruling anything out at this stage … after all. I only started the blog a week ago!

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  4. A Parishioner of St Agatha's says:

    Dear Fr O
    I tried to leave a message of support on your site. I don’t think I was successful. Do come and see us at St A’s. The latest news should be on the website. Obviously this invitation extends to all and to you, Deborah, should you be on the other side of the pond for some reason!

    • Fr O says:

      @A Parishioner of St Agatha’s,
      Thank you for your words of support. I think you are correct about not getting your message on my site – at least I don’t see it in my ‘comments pending’ box. Could you give me a link to your parish website so I can have a look?
      Thanks again.

      • Don Henri says:

        If you do not know it already, St Agatha’s is a very special parish. It is a former CofE Church, managed by a trust whose director is I believe Fr. Maunder, priest of the ordinariate and former priest in the Traditional Anglican Communion. This church was one of their parishes prior to its reception into the ordinariate, and it follows closely the “English Missal” tradition (you could believe you’re in Rome there, save for the Elizabethan English being used). It uses the Book of Divine Worship for all its liturgies. Msgr. Robert Mercer, former Bishop of Matabeleland in the Anglican Communion, and former Bishop of Canada in the Traditional Anglican Communion, is a priest there too.
        Last year they had a new peal of bells blessed by Msgr. Newton.

        + pax et bonum

  5. A Parishioner of St Agatha's says:
    I hope this link works. If not try “St Agatha’s Landport”.

  6. Fr O says:

    Thanks to you all for the St Agatha’s url; I’ve added a link to it on the blog

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