Link to information about the New Brunswick group

You can find it here on Facebook.

The newly-received Anglican Use Catholics include the former Canon Richard Harris and his wife Maggie, famous for her Maggie’s Kitchen column in the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada newsletter.   With them in the photo is Saint John (New Brunswick) Bishop Robert Harris.

Perhaps someone out there can develop an aggregator for the various blogs that cover Ordinariate issues. That person is not me as I do not have the technological expertise.

And my interest in blogging has decreased in recent weeks.

Since Holy Week, I have been endeavoring to follow Pope Francis’ example in praying 15 decades of the Rosary a day.

It’s been an interesting personal journey but one of its side-effects is I spend a lot less time on the Internet.

Work has also been extraordinarily busy since we returned from Italy, though thankfully the pace is letting up a little now.

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10 Responses to Link to information about the New Brunswick group

  1. Ioannes says:

    Good for you, Mrs. Gyapong!

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  3. EPMS says:

    The former moderator of The Anglo-Catholic, after dedicating who knows how many hours weekly to that estimable blog, burned out, apparently, and turned towards personal concerns and a certain pietism. It is hard to maintain one’s initial enthusiasm. Another dozen see the light! Meanwhile, in the real world… Disappointment is inevitable; euphoria fades; the petty realities of church life reassert themselves.

    • Foolishness says:

      Speak for yourself, EPMS “disappointment is inevitable; euphoria fades; the petty realities of church life reassert themselves.”

      For everything there is a season, and the Anglo-Catholic had run its course.

      This blog — we’ll see. It’s about foolish things and what I want to write about. It may have run its course as a news source for Ordinariate business because I’m not all that interested these days in documenting it though I am still interested in following it.

  4. I think there is still a need to share Ordinariate news regarding what is happening in other sodalities and communities, in order to bind this Ordinariate together. We are very spread out and one almost feels quite isolated in some respects. A common newsletter or monthly magazine like The Portal would help. I am not suggesting that you be the one to do this. I am attempting to maintain interest in my own blog, but news in this Ordinariate of what is going on in various communities is hard to come by. I am sure a lot of people have good things to share, but there seems to be nowhere to do it, at the moment. I think we should all have a collective responsibility in this, if we are ever going to gel as an Ordinariate community, especially in this Canadian Deanery.

  5. P.K.T.P. says:

    This looks like wonderful news to me. There are a number of former A.C.C.C. priests who are in formation for ordination. As each comes forward for this, it should be a cause of celebration. These people have suffered quite a bit over the years to maintain the Faith and their patrimony.


    On the moderator who is trying to pray fifteen decades a day, I’m very impressed. For those who find that to be a bit difficult, there is a tradition of praying one fifteen-decade Rosary on Sundays and then a chaplet of five decades on each of the other days in the week. This is the practice I follow. It means praying three full Rosaries (15 decades) over the course of a week. This is one way to do it. Doing 15 a day is also very traditional but very hard!

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