Father Z live blogs a talk by Msgr. Andrew Burnham delivered by Msgr. Keith Newton in Rome

The days begins. We are about to have a talk by Msgr. Newton of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, for former Anglicans. He is reading a paper for Msgr. Andrew Burnham.

Newton is explaining that, while they are formally part of the Roman Rite, they preserve Anglican liturgical patrimony. He says that many of those who belong to the UK Ordinariate have tended to be liturgically faithful (even high) and close to the Roman Rite. We are told that there is work being done in Rome right now on various rites for the Ordinariate by an interdicasterial group Anglicanae traditiones. He used the image of a fragment of a vase being glued back into the larger original source.

May I just add here… Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity.

Newton (Burnham) now speaks a bit about “the black rubric” and Cranmerian commmunion order.

Just heard a new version of a term: Anglo-papalist. “Papalist”… great word.


The paper quotes László Dobszay about the Catholic liturgical law allowing substitution of “another apt song” as being like “anthrax in the envelope”. I think we all know that results have varied. On the other hand, in the Anglican tradition, since the 19th c. Tractarians and others tried to bring some medieval hymns and Catholic ideas back into Anglican worship. So, in the Anglican tradition hymn singing “added value”. That hasn’t recently been in the case in some Catholic worship.

Learned a new term “Prayerbook Catholic”.

Second Vatican Council affected Anglican worship as well.

Newton (Burnham) talks about what from the Anglican tradition could enrich the Roman Missal. There is also some interest in the Sarum Use (suppressed in the 16th c.). Antiquarian? It didn’t seem to match the needs of Anglicans in UK or in N America and Australia (for whom it was too foreign.

What I wonder what from the Roman Tradition might enrich the Anglican Use of the Roman Rite?

Newton (Burnham) speaks about the problems of the Episcopalian rites.

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