Father Z’s first thoughts on the Pope’s latest interview

Some good perspective on what the Pope actually said and how the news media is interpreting it.   An excerpt:

Here is an overarching concern I take away from my first readings.

Through interviews – and the coverage of interviews – a “virtual Francis” is being created. An interview, by its nature, can only go so far. Short questions and short responses only go so deep.

We have to make sure that, with all the media attention, with all these interviews, that the “virtual Francis” is not stronger than the real Francis.

That is exactly what Benedict XVI – in his last days as Pope – said and warned about how the Second Vatican Council was interpreted. The media and others created a virtual Council.  Remember that? There is a Council of the Media and a Council of the Fathers.

Week by week a Francis of the Media is being crafted.

Another point:

Pope’s don’t govern through interviews.

Pope Francis’ speaks about a lot of heavy and burning issues: the role of women, abortion and homosexuality, to name a few. There is not a word in the interview that changes the Church’s teaching. He indicates what his interests and focus for his limited time and energy is going to be. That is an important take away from the interview.

If this Pope isn’t going to speak out a great deal about abortion or homosexuality, it’s because he knows that everyone is perfectly clear about what the Church teaches on these points. Francis – as is consistent with his old-fashioned Jesuit training – wants to be efficient in the use of his time and energy.

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3 Responses to Father Z’s first thoughts on the Pope’s latest interview

  1. EPMS says:

    These thoughts seem a bit scattered. The Pope’s responses in the latest interview were not “short” by interview standards and the interviewer notes that the Pope often went back to elaborate. Is the point that popes don’t govern by interviews, or that everything in the interviews is completely consistent with Church doctrine anyway? Or that the Pope’s remarks are being taken out of context by the media? If all of these objections are accepted they cancel each other out, it seems to me.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I think what people are missing – and what the press wouldn’t understand anyway – are the things he has said about the Church in the last week or so (at the audiences and in his homilies). She is our Mother, the Mother of Mercy, and I think this is what he wants people to understand.

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