LifeSiteNews has compiled reaction to Pope’s interview has compiled a range of reaction with hyperlinks to Pope Francis’ lengthy interview in the Jesuit magazines.  You can find it here.  There are several I have not already posted here.

This from Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput was interesting:

Some people grasped at the interview like a lifeline – or a vindication.  One person praised the Holy Father for stressing that the “Church must focus on compassion and mercy, not on enforcing small-minded rules.”  She added that “we’re at last free from the chains of hatred that have ruled the Catholic Church for so many years and led to my unease in bringing my own children into that Church.”

More common though were emails from catechists, parents and everyday Catholics who felt confused by media headlines suggesting that the Church had somehow changed her teaching on a variety of moral issues. . .

Among the many vital things the Pope reminds us of in his interview is the new and drastically different condition of the modern world that God seeks to save.  It’s one thing to argue about abortion and sexuality when both disputants in the debate share the same basic moral framework and language; the same meaning to words like “justice;” the same set of beliefs about the nature of the human person.  But it’s quite another thing when we no longer have that common vocabulary.  The modern world is mission territory.  It’s morally fractured.

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2 Responses to LifeSiteNews has compiled reaction to Pope’s interview

  1. In true Judeo-Christian theology, this is just ‘smoke & mirrors’! Sadly speaking out of both sides of the mouth. Looking generally at Jesuit social theology, this has been going on sadly for years. Sorry folks wake-up and smell the coffee! Just a quick look at St. Paul’s 1 Cor. chap. 6, still tells the real truth and story as to sexual sin and moral-physical ethics. Talk about “moral fracture” – 1 Cor. 6: 9-20. What a man or person does in his body sexually,, will manifest “itself” surely! If not in this life, then certainly in the next and the Bema-Seat of Christ! Indeed this is always “front and centre” theology and life!

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