Pope emeritus Benedict XVI on humility

Excerpts of Benedict’s recent homily at a Mass for his students.

He began by saying that “everyone is looking for a good place in history, and each wants to find his right place in life. The only question is: which place is good and which is right? The word of the Lord from last Sunday’s Gospel comes to mind: The first shall be last and the last shall be first. A seemingly good place can be a very bad place, and we know that this happens not only at the Last Judgment, but often in the midst of this world. We have seen it ourselves in the last decades, how the first have suddenly fallen and what appeared to be a good place proved to be a misguided place.”

Whoever calls himself a Christian, Benedict said, must be “the last in the opinion of the world.”

He continued: “Those who in this world and throughout history are perhaps driven ahead and arrive in first place, must be aware of the danger they are in; they must look ever more to the Lord… they must measure up their responsibility for others, become those who serve, who in reality place themselves at the feet of others, who bless and are in turn blessed.”

He added: “I think all of this must pass through the heart, if we look to the One who is the firstborn of creation, born in a manger and died on the Cross. The place before him [is] the right place, the place from which history is always assigned to us. Critically, responsibility is to Him, responsibility for love, justice and for the truth.”

In history, the Cross of Jesus was proven to be “the last place,” Benedict XVI continued. But John the Evangelist painted this “extreme humiliation” of the Cross as “the true exaltation.”

“Yes, Jesus is at the level of God, because the height of the Cross is the height of God’s love, the height of His self-abnegation and His dedication to others,” Benedict XVI said. “Thus, this is the divine place, and we pray to God that He may enable us to understand this ever more clearly so that we might accept with humility, each in his own way, this mystery of exaltation and humiliation.”.

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/edward-pentin/pope-emerituss-unexpected-homily-on-humility#ixzz2gNuARTcL

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2 Responses to Pope emeritus Benedict XVI on humility

  1. Amen! Keep preaching-teaching good Fr. Benedict/Ratzinger! Btw, for those that read see his book: Saint Paul, General Audiences July 2, 2008 – Feb. 2, 2009 (Ignatius Press, 2009).

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