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More damage than he realized

Rod Dreher, a former Catholic now Orthodox writer and blogger writes the following in the New York Times: Whatever the evangelical merits of Pope Francis’s game-changing interview, there can be no doubt that the pontiff has decisively undercut the efforts … Continue reading

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Edmonton Ordinariate Group News

Troy Lamoreux sends the following news about where the Edmonton Ordinariate Group, formerly the Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman, now St. Benedict’s Anglican Use Community will be meeting: Beginning   Oct 1st. Low Mass: Tuesday – Saturday 7:00 am Sung … Continue reading

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Launch of new Ordinariate liturgy in London

From The New Liturgical Movement site (h/t Fr. Chadwick), this story: The new liturgy — the work of a special commission established by Rome and now approved by the Holy See — includes material from the Anglican Book of Common … Continue reading

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A Canadian take on the Pope’s interview

This is interesting.  And it might explain why there is such a negative attitude among a certain age cohort towards those they accuse of wanting to turn back the hand of time, to be “restorationists.” Yet for those traditionalists who … Continue reading

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Fr. Dwight Longenecker on the Pope’s interview

Some interesting thoughts from Fr. Longenecker: His interview reveals a simple man of the poor–a compassionate and humble man who has people as the heart of his concern. He wishes for a church that is outgoing, creative and risk taking. … Continue reading

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Father Z’s first thoughts on the Pope’s latest interview

Some good perspective on what the Pope actually said and how the news media is interpreting it.   An excerpt: Here is an overarching concern I take away from my first readings. Through interviews – and the coverage of interviews … Continue reading

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Read the latest interview with Pope Francis

Before you get heart palpitations from the mainstream media reports. Here’s a link to an English translation and an excerpt of the part the MSM is focusing on: I mention to Pope Francis that there are Christians who live in … Continue reading

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The wheat and the tares

I do not have time to write at length on this, but I am musing about the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares and how differently the Catholic Church can appear when one focuses on the tares as opposed … Continue reading

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The latest from Sandro Magister on the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate

I have been following the story about the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate with some interest though not with great, focused attention to detail.  Nor am I jumping to conclusions, even if I am concerned and watchful about Pope Benedict’s … Continue reading

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Responses to the Pope’s Repubblica letter

I am reading with fascination, occasional dismay and great interest the various responses to Pope Francis’ letter to Repubblica. Of course the Mainstream Media has interpreted the remarks to mean atheists go to heaven if they follow their consciences as … Continue reading

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