William Oddie on the FFI

From the Catholic Herald:

I write what follows with extreme reluctance, intensely aware that in doing so I will be giving help and encouragement to those who believe what I fervently do NOT believe: that Pope Francis is a “liberal Pope” who is unworthy of the respect and obedience that all Catholics owe their supreme pontiff. Some of the same malcontents think, too, that both Benedict XVI and John Paul II were also “liberal popes”. I think that they are pretty close to being unhinged; they are certainly not in my opinion loyal Catholics. I am not saying that popes don’t sometimes make mistakes, or that we are not entitled to point them out. A pontificate is judged (the extreme rarity of some actual and conscious heresy apart) by its general direction, its clear underlying intention, not by whether or not there are misjudgments. These can always be corrected, when their effects are not what is intended, or prove inimical to the Church’s interests.

Pope Francis has now, in my opinion, committed or allowed — intentionally or unintentionally is not clear — a big mistake, which could have serious consequences for the Church. Possibly because what has happened has simply been slipped through without his being adequately informed or advised, he has allowed a decree to be issued by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life forbidding the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate — an entirely admirable body — to celebrate the Extraordinary Rite and ordering them to use instead the Novus Ordo: which in fact they were already doing, though not exclusively.

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5 Responses to William Oddie on the FFI

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  2. P.K.T.P. says:

    It is Mr. Oddie who is unhinged. The facts speak for themselves. Since the return of now-Archbishop Pozzo to the P.C.E.D., there have been no new dioceses offering the Traditional Latin Mass on the every-Sunday basis. The last addition was made by the Archbishop of La Serena, in Chile. Shortly thereafter, he was retired. The T.L.M. in the Archdiocese of Prsemysl, in Poland is now discontinued. There is another case in Spain. The Diocese of Lancaster, in England, is down to one Sunday Mass per month. Santos Cardinal Abril y Castelló, Archpriest of Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica in Rome, has now, as at this week, discontinued the First Saturday Latin Masses there which had been offered on that basis since 2000. The Cardinal is a friend of Pope France. There is no question that Pope Francis is a liberal. You’d have to be blind not to see that. Nonetheless, he is definitely the Vicar of Christ and we must live with that.


    • Ivan says:

      While the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate gets put to the side and beaten to silence with closing of seminaries and publishing houses, and the house arrest of the order’s founder, the Legion of Christ, which hid the actions of its founder, a pedophile who fathered six children with at least two women, gets some praise.

      Maybe they’ll shut down the Legion of Christ as well, if they celebrated the traditional Mass.

  3. Ivan says:

    Pardon us traditionalists, but after decades of underhanded tactics through infiltration in the hierarchy by manifest apostates, perverts and heretics and deliberate suppression of tradition by those who want to make pals with the world, we’re about as unhinged as St. John the Baptist, the prophet who did not act or dress or speak like the hypocrites at the Temple. And now when the mainstream liberal Church crushes those who adhere to tradition, we get to be called schismatics and not even real Catholics. When the Mass looks like a protestant service, it’s now orthodox Catholicism. Maybe these liberals who want to give the Church a “makeover” really want a schism so that no one has to deal with us pesky traditionalists.

    I’d often hear a priest say “You should respect other people’s spirituality.” but when talking about traditional spiritual life “Oh, we don’t teach that anymore! That’s outdated!” Right. Respect other people’s spirituality -except traditional spirituality of course! What hypocrites!

    Francis may not be as bad as some popes. But he’s still a terrible pope. But our standards have been lowered, so maybe when he’s dead, he gets to be a saint because people felt like it and every news program will talk about how humble and charitable he is, and all that.

    After this pope? Pope Mahony. or Danneels.

    • P.K.T.P. says:

      I’d say that he may be the worst Pope in the history of the Church but that does remain to be seen. We are too early into this pontificate to tell what he’ll do. We only have worrying signals to mark. So far, this Pope has not tried to undo “Summorum Pontificum”. Notice, however, that it is not as simple as blaming Pope Francis. It was Cardinal Braz de Aviz who unleashed this persecution against the F.F.I. in the first place. And Braz de Aviz was appointed by Benedict XVI. Archbishop Müller, if the translation of his words is correct (I don’t know German and I’m suspicious about that), seems to have invented a second excommunication against the Society bishops for a non-canonical ‘de facto’ material (rather than formal) schism. It is all quite inventive and very interesting. What is a material schism, I wonder? It can only be something from the dictionary but outside the Canon Law. It must be simply a practical separation.

      Bishop Fellay, meanwhile, by saying little, is allowing division to grow in his own ranks. But that’s another matter. While I’m not a Society supporter (yet), I do sympathise with it very strongly. According to Cardinal Koch, Bishop Fellay is now considering the consecration of new bishops for the Society. And why not? If, according to Archbishop Müller, he is already excommunicated for material ‘de facto’ schism, why not do it? Once excommunicated, one cannot be excommunicated. Of course, that kind of logic is foreign to this tribe of liberals that has taken over in Rome. Even if this Prefect’s words have been mistranslated, he does allege some form of schism. Again, one who is already in schism cannot enter into schism. If the form of schism is not canonical, we can only wonder what Archbishop Müller means. Yes, the Society has for a long time separated itself from the insane orientations of NewChurch, if only to protect itself and the Catholic Faith.


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