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Some great advice for priests . . . and the rest of us, too

Sometimes you come across some great stuff in your Facebook news feed.  This is by Meg Hunter Kilmer: If I could ask one thing of priests, it would be this: celebrate the Sacraments like you believe that they’re real. I … Continue reading

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Crisis Magazine looks at the case of a German bishop

Very interesting report by Crisis Magazine on the so-called “Bishop of Bling” that is a great warning to people not to assume initial press reports are correct.  Mea culpa. In reality, the problem does not seem to be the money … Continue reading

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Attack on the doves released by the Pope

Fr Dwight Longenecker writes: I was in St Peter’s Square yesterday for the Angelus and witnessed the children releasing doves from the window of the Apostolic Palace with Pope Francis. Everyone gasped as a crow and a seagull swooped in … Continue reading

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“We once had millions of evangelists”

Fr Ray Blake writes: We once had millions of Evangelists, now we have few, if any. Evangelism and catechesis have become the function of the specialist. The great problem is that grandmother sitting at the kitchen fire with her grandchildren … Continue reading

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John Allen Jr on the cardinals

At National Catholic Reporter he writes: I was once at a talk given by a senior Vatican official when a questioner said he had a sin he wasn’t ready to confess but still felt drawn to receive Communion, even though … Continue reading

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This is like sending me to cover football

I know kind of vaguely the object of the game is trying to get that funny-shaped ball down to the other side of the field. From the Huffington Post: When Pope Francis posed his now-iconic question, “Who am I to judge?” … Continue reading

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So, what do you make of this?

John Allen Jr. reports at National Catholic Reporter: Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga made the comment Monday in an interview with the German newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. Named in April as the coordinator of the pope’s kitchen cabinet of eight cardinals from … Continue reading

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Canadian priest preaches on unity

From Fr. Paul Nicholson’s Facebook page. Refusing to Submit to the Roman Pontiff is Spiritual Shipwreck: The SSPX are Protestant Homily 19th Jan   UPDATE:  One of my fellow pro-life bloggers in Ottawa says this about Fr Nicholson’s video: … Continue reading

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If Nixon could go to China . . .

It’s interesting that one of my friends wrote me an email yesterday speculating that if Pope Francis were to regularize SSPX his popularity might instantly come to an end, such as that which happened to Jesus after the triumphant entry … Continue reading

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Fr. Hunwicke begins series on Christian unity

Obviously another very interesting series from an Ordinariate priest in England:   The reason why I propose, so to speak, to stay so close to home, within our Latin Catholic family, is bound up with a thought which is growing … Continue reading

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