Children and Mass

At Fr Ray Blake’s blog, a most interesting piece about what happened to a large family when they tried taking their children to a Traditional Latin Mass:

Well their new discovery, after a short period of Sunday Mass lapsation, was ‘trad Mass’. A friend had a serious conversation with them, suggesting that taking children out during Mass might actually be suggesting to the children ‘it was beyond them’, in the same way bringing food or toys or ‘additional colouring in’ was suggesting that children shouldn’t or can’t participate.
Now, the children begin preparation for Mass during the week before, they make lists of people to pray for or about at the Sunday Mass, they either write or draw them, the older ones watch the news.
Mary and Jim say it is easier to explain to their children about the ‘trad’ Mass, ‘I simply tell them that at Mass God comes down to us and we raise our minds, and everyone we know, to God in prayer. ‘They seem to understand that.

Most interesting.

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