Pope Francis’ greeting to charismatic leaders


Damian Thompson posted this and comments:

Here’s Pope Francis talking passionately to charismatic evangelical Protestants – and describing Fr Tony Palmer (a semi-independent bishop within the Anglican Communion)  as “my brother bishop”. Is that a rule book I can hear being torn up?


Here is some more about the video from Patheos:


Pope Francis met January 14 with Anthony Palmer; but at the time the Vatican release no details regarding the meeting. Today, though, YouTube shows Pope Francis in a newly-released video which was captured by Palmer via his iPhone.

In the video, which has not been released by the Vatican, Pope Francis says to the Pentecostals at a meeting of Kenneth Copeland Ministries in the United States, “Let’s give each other a spiritual hug.”


Who is this Anthony  Palmer and what is the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, of which he is a bishop and ecumenical officer?  Anyone know anything about this body?


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