More on Pope Francis and Bishop Tony Palmer at First Things

A good reflection by Dale M. Coulter:

The friendship between Francis and Tony Palmer, which preceded Francis’ rise to the papacy, prompted the greeting. On the basis of this friendship and the trust it entailed, the pope decided to risk extending the hand of friendship to another group whose theology is questionable, to put it delicately.

What are we to make of such a gesture?


What I hope will come from this simple gesture is for Christians from all kinds of traditions to decide that it’s time to become friends again. It would be an enormous step forward for many conservative Evangelicals and charismatics in the Word of Faith camp to acknowledge that Catholic theology is not a form of works righteousness that ultimately denies the gospel. I hope that thousands of conversations will break out between those in the Word of Faith movement and those within other traditions. I hope that these conversations will bring mutual understanding because they will force participants to learn to speak one another’s language. By learning the language of the other, Christians might just find the common language of the Tradition grounded in Scripture. Not only can this common language become a vehicle for mutual understanding, it can bring balance back to the imbalance that focusing on any single identity marker like prosperity will invariably produce. Such conversations usually begin with a simple, yet profound gesture of friendship. That’s what the pope has set before us.

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2 Responses to More on Pope Francis and Bishop Tony Palmer at First Things

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  2. I saw the conference this week and was shocked to hear the willingness to compromise the Word of God, which of the two have their theology out of sinc?I have been a born again believer for34 yrs. now what a wonderful journey it is.Surely we are in the last days, we are headed for the one world religion , what do you think??????

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