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Fr Dwight Longenecker on Bishop Tony Palmer

Fr Dwight Longenecker investigates the Anglican bishop friend of Pope Francis’ who brought the Holy Father’s message to the gathering of charismatic Protestants. Fr. Longenecker writes: First of all we have to ask who “Bishop” Tony Palmer is. He is … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ greeting to charismatic leaders

  Damian Thompson posted this and comments: Here’s Pope Francis talking passionately to charismatic evangelical Protestants – and describing Fr Tony Palmer (a semi-independent bishop within the Anglican Communion)  as “my brother bishop”. Is that a rule book I can hear being … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on liturgy

From Sandro Magister at Repubblica, a report on things Pope Francis recently said about liturgy at one of his daily Masses: “When I speak of the liturgy I am mainly referring to the holy Mass. The Mass is not a … Continue reading

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This alleged statement of the Pope is making the rounds

Rorate-Caeli has posted this account of what Pope Francis said to a Czech Archbishop about the Traditional Latin Mass:   Yesterday (Friday, Feb. 14), Pope Francis held an audience with the Bishops of the Czech Republic who came to Rome for their ad … Continue reading

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Congratulations Deacon Michael Shier!

From B C Catholic: The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity began with a joyous occasion for the Archdiocese of Vancouver. In the presence of 100 parishioners and his fellow converts to Catholicism, Michael Shier was ordained a deacon Jan. … Continue reading

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Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics

Here’s an except of Sandro Magister’s latest piece on the upcoming Consistory: On Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st of February there will be a meeting at the Vatican of all the cardinals, including the new ones who will … Continue reading

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Damian Thompson on French anti-Semitism

An interesting column.  Here’s an excerpt:   Before I read Hussey, I knew that French anti-Semitism, nurtured by Dreyfus and Vichy, was alive and well: it still flavours French traditionalist Catholicism and the Front National. I also knew that attacks … Continue reading

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Children and Mass

At Fr Ray Blake’s blog, a most interesting piece about what happened to a large family when they tried taking their children to a Traditional Latin Mass: Well their new discovery, after a short period of Sunday Mass lapsation, was … Continue reading

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Sign of the end times? heh heh heh

David B. Goldman, aka “Spengler” has a most interesting piece on how Israel is becoming more religious.  He always has unusual but well-supported takes on world affairs: This is a crucial, counterintuitive story: Israel is swimming against the secular current, … Continue reading

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An evisceration of the Rolling Stone Article

Heh heh heh.  Enjoy this piece by Damon Linker over at The Week that examines “9 Ridiculous Claims Rolling Stone’s Cover Story on Pope Francis.” It’s 6:30 a.m. and you’re scanning headlines in the morning paper. Your eyes fasten on … Continue reading

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