Following Jesus’ example and learning to let go

We have been greatly blesssed at our Ordinariate community here in Ottawa with great preaching over the years.  Not only do we have a beautiful liturgy, prayed with reverence, but also we have meaty sermons that challenge us, make us think and exhort us to conform our lives more closely to Christ.

All of our priests are powerful preachers in the Holy Spirit power sense of the word.

Last Sunday, Father Doug Hayman gave a homily that has lingered with me all week.  It was about “letting go,” about how Jesus “let go” of  his majesty as revealed during the Transfiguration, to die on the Cross, that he let go of everything to do the Father’s will.

Father Doug then asked us to consider the areas in our lives where we need to let go of anything that gets in the way of putting God first.

Last night I saw Father Doug and mentioned how much his sermon had stayed with me and he told me it had been recorded and is available online.    So it is with great joy I provide you with a link.  I encourage you to listen to this and be blessed.



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