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Policing the Ordinariate blogs

I have had a liberal policy concerning comments here even though most of the commenters here are people with whom I disagree and who have no connection to the Ordinariates. Is it time for me to tighten up my policy? … Continue reading

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Cardinal Mueller offers advice to our Ordinaries

Here’s an excerpt of a piece from the Catholic Herald entitled “All eyes are on you,” by Madeleine Teahan: Cardinal Müller said: “Anglicans will be interested in how well you are able to make a home in the Catholic Church … Continue reading

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Giving up distorted thinking for Lent

When I began my spiritual journey years and years ago, the teacher I followed in those days taught a form of centering meditation, an exercise in being still, in the present moment, aware of one’s body and surroundings and anchored … Continue reading

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Fr Hunwicke writes on the validity of Masses

Most interesting corrective, I would say: I have written before about the frantic desire some who think of themselves as Ultra-Traditionalists have to discover ‘invalidity’ in the sacraments of the non-traddy part of the Church. Indeed, there are ultra-ultra-traddies who … Continue reading

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