The Malines Conversations resume

This was an interesting story to write, especially since Anglo-Catholics hold the first Malines Conversations in such high regard:

A Canadian bishop is participating a resumption of informal talks between Catholics and Anglicans called the Malines Conversations, modeled on similar discussions in the 1920s.

“I would say the group is trying to find a way to make a contribution to Anglican-Roman Catholic relations, a way that complements and supports the work of the international dialogues, but does so as an ‘unofficial’ group, just like the original Malines Conversations,” said Saskatoon Bishop Don Bolen in an email.

Bishop Bolen, who used to work at the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in Rome before his ordination to the episcopate, is one of the eight Catholics in the Malines group, and the only Catholic bishop. There are eight Anglicans, including Ebbsfleet Bishop Jonathan Goodall.

“We’re still working out what shape our research and dialogue will take, what the main focus will be, and as we try to work things out, it is helpful to consult with church leaders such as those we met with over the past days,” Bishop Bolen said.

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  1. Tom Syseskey says:

    “Whatever its final effect, it must strike many as a venture in triviality coming at this particular time in history” – National Review (29 July 1961)

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