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Fr Hunwicke on the role of the Pope

Thought-provoking as usual.    I have no problem with the idea of a pope who keeps anathemas under his camauro. A pontiff who issues a Syllabus of Errors seems to me a pontiff who is earning his paycheck. When Pio Nono, … Continue reading

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Cardinal Tagle shocked by results of survey

The Catholic Herald reports: Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, Philippines, said he was “shocked” by responses to the global survey on Church teaching on the family, issued ahead of October’s Extraordinary Synod of Bishops. Speaking to Catholic News Service, … Continue reading

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Cardinal Collins receives unprecedented support for stand

From the Catholic Register by Jim O’Leary: TORONTO – Cardinal Thomas Collins has been receiving an unprecedented outpouring of support in the wake of his open letter that urged Liberal leader Justin Trudeau to reconsider an inflexible stand against pro-life … Continue reading

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Another great article in Crisis Magazine

On Cardinal Kasper’s proposal for divorced and remarried Catholics, Tom Piatak writes:   As many have pointed out, Cardinal Kasper’s proposal simply ignores the central theological problem that has prevented the Church from allowing remarriage after divorce for centuries.  After … Continue reading

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Trudeau Sr promised to use notwithstanding clause to keep abortion from being a Charter “right”

Most illuminating blog post from my friend Sun Media TV anchor Brian Lilley: (an excerpt, which I am not indenting because I will lose the formatting of the original post) So Trudeau reached once again into his bag of tricks and … Continue reading

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Archbishop Prendergast on Catholics in good standing

A very powerful statement from Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast went out in parish bulletins this weekend concerning congruence in public life between one’s personal beliefs and public statements and what constitutes a Catholic in good standing. Here’s a link to … Continue reading

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Nice profile of Fr Michael Shier at B.C. Catholic

You can read it all here: For one former Anglican minister, the journey to the Catholic priesthood was a long one.“When I was about 14, it was one of those things which I just kind of knew,” said Father Michael … Continue reading

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Samuel Gregg reads Cardinal Kasper’s book on mercy

A  most interesting post at Crisis Magazine: Book-tours can be risky affairs. There’s always the chance you’ll say something during your tenth radio interview of the day which you retrospectively wish you’d phrased differently. Then there’s the possibility you’ll play up … Continue reading

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Simple and clear teaching on the sacraments

Sandro Magister published a letter from a priest friend, Fr. Carlo Buzzi, who is a missionary in Bangladesh: Dear Sandro,Here in Bangladesh we teach the catechism and to be clear we say that every sacrament has four elements: the minister, … Continue reading

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Cardinal Kasper interviewed by Commonweal

Maybe some of you have seen that as reports came out about Cardinal Muller’s address to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Cardinal Kasper was in New York praising theologian Elizabeth Johnson etc. Back in 2010 or thereabouts, Scott Hahn … Continue reading

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