Cardinal Collins receives unprecedented support for stand

From the Catholic Register by Jim O’Leary:

TORONTO – Cardinal Thomas Collins has been receiving an unprecedented outpouring of support in the wake of his open letter that urged Liberal leader Justin Trudeau to reconsider an inflexible stand against pro-life supporters.

“I think it’s safe to say we haven’t seen this type of response in recent history,” said Neil MacCarthy, director of public relations and communications for the Archdiocese of Toronto.

The reaction has been “overwhelmingly positive” since the May 14 letter, and has come from both inside and outside the Catholic community, MacCarthy said. He cited hundreds of phone calls, letters and emails from clergy and parishioners and a record-breaking response on social media.

“I’ve never had so many clergy, both from the Archdiocese of Toronto and outside the archdiocese, send notes or phone to offer their gratitude and encouragement to Cardinal Collins,” MacCarthy said.

As one example, MacCarthy said that a typical posting on the archdiocese Facebook page might garner 1,000 views. The posting of the cardinal’s letter was viewed more than 100,000 times, MacCarthy said.

“There are also a number of people who contacted our office by phone or email and indicated that they will no longer be members of the Liberal Party,” he said.

In an interview, Collins said he was grateful for the support and found it interesting that even people who disagree with him on abortion agreed with his letter to Trudeau, which defended conscience rights.

Collins said the disregard shown by Trudeau for the conscience rights of Liberal MPs is misguided and unjustified, and the Liberal leader should rethink his unprecedented stand against pro-life supporters.

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2 Responses to Cardinal Collins receives unprecedented support for stand

  1. Richard Grand says:

    Why does it follow that views on the internet are indicative of support and agreement?

    • Rev22:17 says:


      You asked: Why does it follow that views on the internet are indicative of support and agreement?

      So-called “views” on the Internet are not so much indicative of support or agreement as they are of people who see an item deeming it important enough to recommend that others view it, causing a cascade of referred viewers who normally would not have looked at the item — a phenomenon called “going viral” in Internet lingo.

      What is significant here, though, is that the feedback from the enhanced number of people who view the item seems to be overwhelmingly positive — even to the point that some indicated that they are changing their political affiliation over it. In a parliamentary political system in which party affiliation is everything, this realignment could be sufficient to sway the balance of political power.


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