Fr Hunwicke begins a new series on Vatican II

To whet your appetite, he says:

There will be more and more to say about Vatican II as more and more archival material becomes available. How worthwhile the saying of it will be will become more and more debatable. Do we really want to keep raking over the debris of the 1960s, or should we get a life, move on? Faithful readers of this blog will recall my own oft-repeated view that those Councils which did not define or impose dogmas but addressed the affairs of their own day (I usually cite Vienne; are we now very interested in how the next Crusade should be financed or whether the Templars should be burned?) gradually fade into the Church’s background noise and are best left to do just that. Requiescant in pace.

As for me, I am grateful for Vatican II, with out which Anglicanorum coetibus would have been impossible.  However, I am not grateful for the small “s” spirit of Vatican II, and the way reform was seized by progressives.

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