Bishops in high heels—sigh



Let Nothing You Dismay writes:

A new religion: this video has been doing the rounds on social media to the accompaniment of a certain amount of hilarity.
When, however, will we all wake up to the fact that, although words and rituals may appear (broadly) the same, the way that those words are used, and the manner in which rituals are being reoriented, clearly point to the fact that we have embarked upon C.S. Lewis’s ‘different religion,’ or, as it is now claimed, the balancing of centuries of narrow assertions and faulty theology about the divine and its holy and creative work?’


The advocates of this different religion are with us, soon to be or already wearing mitres and poised to …. well, take over what remains of a once  glorious tradition … the lamps are going out indeed …. will we see them lit again in our lifetime?



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