Father Z’s interview in America Magazine!

I’m a Father Z fan, by the way:

Next, we have to toughen up a little. No one forces anyone else to get involved online.  If we are going to descend onto the sands of the arena, we had better buckle it on.  In addition, the notion that everyone has to play verbal patty cake all the time is a rather new idea, both in the church and in the public square.  These days, someone might squawk that you hurt their feelings and we then run in circles, even watering down the church’s teachings lest anyone be offended.  As St. Paul says, we must correct, rebuke and encourage, with patience and correct doctrine.  As far as sharp and divisive is concerned, sometimes sharp is what is needed to punch through the veil of falsehood, or the veil of dumb.  Division is necessary, especially when we are dividing ourselves from heresy or wickedness or lawlessness in the church. The doctor doesn’t stop cutting just because the patient is screaming for him to stop.  But you are surely asking about the sheer nastiness andad hominem attacks that appear on blogs and in the comboxes. That’s pretty sad.  But, as I said before, we will always have sinners and cowards in our midst.  We have to soldier on and, over time, hopefully, try to bring some of these poor people around. That’s a spiritual work of mercy too. That said, at times I do weary of the knuckle-headed stuff.  More and more often these days I turn on the moderation queue for discussions or for specific individuals.


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1 Response to Father Z’s interview in America Magazine!

  1. Sue Jacklin says:

    I agree that ‘knuckle-heads’ abound on-line, especially in the comment boxes; however, I keep reminding myself that I used to be one of them. I’d left the Catholic Church at age 21 and didn’t return until age 52. I had been a ‘bitter-and-very-vocal’ critic of the Catholic Church and its priests for all of those years … until I finally started to sincerely search for TRUTH! When I did that, God began to open doors for me to actually FIND the Truth … to actually find, and develop a relationship with Jesus. I was a stubborn and resistant ‘searcher’; but, God never gave up on me … and He brought amazing people into my life to help me! Most notably, He brought me to 2 amazing, compassionate priests (one older, and one younger than me) who displayed such love and patience of my ‘rude’ ignorance! They gave me space, but continued to teach me about the Faith I had left behind; and patiently pointed out the flaws in my thinking/understanding. I am EVER GRATEFUL TO GOD … AND TO THESE 2 PRIESTS!
    I guess what I’m saying, Father Z is: yes, we who have been ‘hurt’ by members of ‘the Church’ can be a frustrating bunch … but please, don’t stop trying to inform them (us) about the ABSOLUTE NEED FOR GOD AND TRUTH … especially in this day where almost everyone it seems is a proponent of ‘subjective truth’ … i.e. “What’s ‘true’ for you ISN’T necessarily ‘true’ for me!” .
    Thanks for these posts. I’ve really been enjoying them … so, Father Z, please keep them coming!

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