The Lutherans moved the goal posts after 1999 it seems–if you can speak of “The Lutherans” anymore

More on ecumenism from the Lutheran perspective:

It is the sex problem that has halted the progress of the ecumenical agenda of so many Lutherans.  Metropolitan Hilarion summarized the problems at play in Orthodox-Lutheran dialogue in an interview with Der Spiegel. “Many Protestant churches have liberalized their notions of ethics, giving a theological justification to homosexuality and blessing same-sex couples,” he said. “Some refuse to consider abortion to be a sin. We do not share the understanding of the Church and church order, especially as the Protestants, unlike the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, ordain women.”

This is echoed by Roman Catholics who have viewed the Lutheran-Roman Catholic dialogues as some of the most productive conversations — but to a point.  That point being the decisions along the way by Lutherans to depart from historic Christian practice and ordain women (in the US 1970 and in Sweden 1958) and to incorporate the full compliment of gay and lesbian relationships into the life of their churches (2009 for the ELCA).  The conversations were to have reached a peak in the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 but it seems that instead the conversations have come to a halt.  There is no detour around the roadblock of the ordination of women . . . .

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