David Du Plessis on trying the spirits

I’m listening to a recording of Pentecostal Preacher David Du Plessis on trying the spirits.  Du Plessis was invited by Cardinal Suenens to be an observer at the Second Vatican Council.

God gave David Du Plessis one of the most wide-ranging ministry of modern times.  In this recording, he tells the secret of all of it.  He tells of how God prepared him before opening the doors of the Catholic Church and other old-line denominational churches.  He tells all of this in the light of teaching how to “Try The Spirits.”

I urge every Christian and every preacher of the Gospel to listen to this recording.  If you will humble yourself, follow David’s line of reasoning, and drink these truths deeply into your heart, your entire life and ministry will be changed in the same way God changed Brother David.

Du Plessis, who was from the Assembly of God, had a ministry to bring the Baptism of the Holy Ghost to mainline churches, a move that cost  him his accreditation with the AOG for a time.

Du Plessis is linked to the Pentecostal Pastor that Pope Francis visited in Caserta and to Matteo Calisi, the Charismatic Catholic leader from Bari, Italy.

Having been involved in Roman Catholic charismatic renewal since the 1970s, Matteo, together with his wife, founded the Community of Jesus in May 1983. The Community is committed to a three-fold ministry of worship, the reconciliation of Christians, and evangelism. It was significantly shaped by input into Matteo’s life from two men, Cardinal Suenens and David du Plessis.

At Rimini in 1978 Matteo met Cardinal Suenens, one of four moderators of the Second Vatican Council and a supporter of the renewal movement.  Through further meetings at the Vatican their friendship developed and the Cardinal encouraged Matteo to start the Community of Jesus, with its particular emphasis on unity and reconciliation within the Body of Christ. He visited the infant Community later that same year.

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  1. bema says:

    Reblogged this on Bengts Blogg and commented:
    Pingstvännerna David Du Plessis gjorde en oerhört betydelsefull insats i att bygga broar mellan Katolska kyrkan och Pingströrelsen. Jag träffade honom i Rom 1984.

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