More on St. Patrick’s Day

From Phil Lawler:

No doubt there was a time, some years ago, when the St. Patrick’s Day parade really was a Catholic observance. But over the years the religious aspect of the event has faded into the background, overwhelmed at first by the tribal celebration of Irish identity, and later by the same forces that govern any civic celebration. For the vast majority of participants and observers, the St. Patrick’s Day parade is no more a “Catholic” event than a Notre Dame football game.

Catholic piety was drowned long ago in the beery atmosphere of the celebration. -snip-

The St. Patrick’s Day parade had become a city-wide party, a commercial venture, a media production.

Still the tradition had survived that the cardinal-archbishop of New York would stand on the steps of his cathedral, greeting the marchers, giving the parade his endorsement, keeping up the pretense that this march was a religious event. For next year’s parade, Cardinal Dolan had been named grand marshal, emphasizing the link to the Church and the implicit blessing of the participants.

If this really is a Catholic event, it cannot include a group defined by its opposition to Church teaching. If it is a Catholic event, forget Guinness, forget NBC, forget the hoopla, and quietly honor St. Patrick.

But if it is not a Catholic event—if it is just another civic celebration, to which all are welcome, regardless of their attitude toward the Church—then it’s time to end an anachronism. There should be no reviewing stand outside St. Patrick’s cathedral, no sign of Church sponsorship. Cardinal Dolan should step aside as grand marshal.

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3 Responses to More on St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Girolamo says:

    A faithful priest, Msgr. Charles Pope wrote about this, and he was silenced by Cardinal Wuerl and his lackeys.

    If it were a priest that wrote this article, Cardinal Dolan would have shipped him to Our Lady of the Boondocks parish in Nunavut.

  2. Rev22:17 says:


    You wrote: A faithful priest…

    This seems to be a code phrase employed by Traditionalists to identify clergy who adhere to the heresies of Traditionalism — and the clergy identified by it are anything but faithful to the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

    … he was silenced by Cardinal Wuerl and his lackeys.

    Cardinal Wuerl is well in tune with the doctrine taught by the magisterium of the Catholic Church, of which he is an influential member, and this is the only doctrine that one can regard as authentically Catholic.


  3. Rev22:17 says:


    From your quotation: If this really is a Catholic event, it cannot include a group defined by its opposition to Church teaching.

    For the record, I agree with this statement.

    Nevertheless, the legal status of the event is a very significant question. In the city of Boston, 17 March is actually a Suffolk County holiday called “Evacuation Day” which commemorates the day that British forces, facing defeat, were evacuated from the city during our Revolutionary War — and it’s actually the Irish immigrants who settled in “Southie” (South Boston) and then hijacked the Evacuation Day parade to turn it into a celebration of Irish heritage. The Allied War Council, which organizes the parade, however, has seen fit to keep it from being a forum for political speech: homosexual veterans are not excluded from marching, but they cannot enter the parade as an organization that advocates a particular political agenda.

    I don’t know the history of New York’s parade, so I don’t know whether it’s technically a Catholic event or not.


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