Oldie but goodie on Europe and Islam

By Robert Matteo from a talk i n 2008 (my bolds):

This is the heart of the problem: Europe is experiencing a moral and psychological drama that has been called “Stockholm Syndrome”: the phenomenon of psychological submission against his assailant, which creates an unexplained dependence relationship between the victim and his executioner. Today you should talk Syndrome Copenhagen, London, Madrid, but even in Rome or Milan, to explain the psychological attitude toward the opponent from whom you intimidated, sometimes terrified, but at the same time attracted, sometimes fascinated.Not otherwise explain the emergence and spread of myths such as those developed by Louis Massignon (1883-1962), Edward Said (1935-2003) in Italy and Franco Cardini, who would like to remove from memory a millennium of conflict between Europe and Islam, in the name of experiences taken in ideal models such as the East felix , the Arab-Andalusian society, before the Reconquista, or that of Sicily at the time of Frederick II; not to mention the dreams of philosophy such as the progressive utopia of universal peace or esoteric myth transcendent unity of religions (some of these myths, see .: Bat Ye’or, Eurabia , Lindau, Torino 2007, pp. 287- 305; Alexandre Del Valle, The Communist totalitarianism assault of democracies , Solinum, Cupertino (Lecce), 2007, pp. 428-433).

In this perspective, what dissolves not only the idea of ​​an enemy of the West, but the very concepts of the West and Europe, regarded as a literary creation, in the same way in which the theorists of “gender” consider a ‘cultural invention the natural distinction between the man and the woman.

The attitude of Europeans towards Islam remembers what it was in the twentieth century, the attitude of the West against communism. Soviet Russia was threatening the world, but anticommunism was considered a sin worse than communism. 


Praying hard for a Christian revival of Europe and North America.   Because that’s the only thing that will save us from this kind of Stockholm Syndrome.


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One Response to Oldie but goodie on Europe and Islam

  1. Thomas Torck says:

    The key obstacle is secularism, for it is a breeding ground of those who irrationally hate the Church, and so limit and impede Her Mission to preach the Gospel and to live it out, as well as to defend those who suffer from the wrath of the unbelievers. Such is the state of Christendom.

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