Elizabeth Scalia in defense of Cardinal Dolan

The Anchoress has an interesting take on Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade quandary.

She writes:

I’m not sure a bishop has a choice but to run out to meet prodigals, regardless of motivating factors. The father wants everyone to come home and be with him. Once they’re at the doorstep, they may be encouraged to come in; once they’re inside, they can be talked with, nurtured, fed, encouraged, formed, and made whole. This cannot happen as long as they are off in the faraway places.

The key here, aside from the father running out to the prodigal son, is that he ran out while the son was still a long way off.

Later in the story, the older son — obedient and responsible — feels shortchanged and resentful, because the father has been so welcoming of the wastrel while barely noticing the elder son’s daily toil. And what does the father do? He goes out to his elder son, to reassure him that his faithfulness is seen and known. He tells him, “everything I have is yours” even while urging him to make his returning brother welcome.

Because only in this way can his family eventually become whole, and holy.

So yeah, the bishop has some work to do; he cannot ebulliently run out to meet the disobedient ones (who may someday convert and conform their lives to become the best Catholics ever, but are still a long way off) without also warmly seeking out the obedient ones, and soothing their resentment — letting them know that they are seen, heard, beloved, sharing and fully welcome.

They are absolutely not getting that message from him, right now.


Food for thought.  Much to pray about. Much to atone for.

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2 Responses to Elizabeth Scalia in defense of Cardinal Dolan

  1. Macy says:

    I love this testimony of a formerly gay man touched by Mother Angelica, certainly not one to pander to the world or to do or say anything ambiguous!

    (Following excerpt taken from : http://www.crisismagazine.com/2014/bounty-everlasting-hills-leaving-gay-life-behind )

    <<Watching TV late into the night and early morning after a night of frantic sex, he was flipping channels “and an image came on my television that was so strange.” He called out to his boyfriend to come and look. Together they mocked Mother Angelica, who at the time had an eye-patch and a quite obvious stroke. They called her the pirate nun.

    <<But when his boyfriend left the room she said “something so intelligent, real and honest; ‘God created you and I to be happy in this life and the next. He cares for you. He watches your every move. There is no one you know who can do that.’”

    <<She became his dirty little secret. He would hide her from his boyfriend, changing the channel when he turned the TV off so that EWTN would not come up when it was turned back on.


  2. Richardson says:

    But the younger son, in the parable, came home in repentance and sorrow. Even if the father didn’t wait for that, the son was coming home. Walking past the Cathedral with signs saying “Gay Pride” is not “coming home”.

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