Profile of new Companion of the Cross priest Fr. Bryan Sabourin

How I love the work I do  and the opportunity to meet people like Fr. Bryan Sabourin and tell their stories.  

Father Bryan Sabourin, 28, who was ordained to the Companions of the Cross June 7, recalls a time when he was embarrassed to bring his friends home.

When he was in Grade 9, his parents began to have a spiritual awakening, prompted in part by the influence his maternal grandparents who were active in St. Mary’s Parish at the height of the charismatic renewal under Father Bob Bedard, the late Companions’ founder.

“Everything started to change around me,” Sabourin said. “Holy pictures began multiplying on the walls. A statue appeared in the yard. The music they listened to started changing.”

“It there was a ‘Jesus’ Breakfast Cereal, they would have bought it,” he joked.

His parents began attending daily Mass and praying the rosary as a family. “I started to be embarrassed to have my friends over,” he admitted.

But in addition to these outward signs, Sabourin witnessed a “new joy in their lives” and a change in “the way they related to us kids.”

“There was more love in our home,” he said.

As he reached high school, Sabourin started attending youth group at his parish. He recalled a “moment of grace” while attending a Christian music festival up the Ottawa valley near a Christian theme park and campground. The band came out to do an encore and a line of the song, “I give all of me to you,” stuck with him.

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