The Nuncio’s address to the Canadian Catholic Bishops

B.C. Catholic has the story:

The nuncio urged more attention to the Word and to the “promise of God.”

“Do we see a troublesome picture before us? Yes! Days, months and years without apparent results? This too! Does the Church seem somehow declining? That also! But all of this is accompanied by the certainty-if we trust in the word of Christ and we cast out the nets-that a miraculous catch lies ahead, the birth or rebirth of a Church more evangelical.”

Pope Francis provides an image of the “A Church which goes forth,” one of the themes of his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, in his moving “in the midst of people, without barriers, totally immersed, a living image of how he and we would like the Church to be.”

But the nuncio said it is first necessary to “pray and then proclaim.”

“It is not possible to have a ‘Church that goes forth; unless there is a solid ‘Church that enters,’ a Church that is profoundly rooted in God, in the mystery of the Trinity and of Redemption.”

Pope Francis follows this “hierarchy of values” of praying first, then proclaiming, the nuncio said.

“What Christ does within me is more important that what I do myself,” he said.

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