Questions for men discerning a vocation to the priesthood

This is an excellent article.  An excerpt:

Do you find the prospect of marriage and raising a family unattractive?  

If so, then, “Houston, we’ve got a problem.”  And if I may put it bluntly:  if you do not find marriage and raising a family profoundly attractive—so much so, that at least now and then the struggle to forego them becomes a real battle—then you really need to put on the brakes.  Marriage is a “natural” vocation; there should be in every human heart a natural proclivity to human love and the procreation of new human lives through the bond of marriage. Without over-romanticizing it, and hopefully informing our understanding of marriage with loads of realism (diapers, arguments, money problems, in-laws, illnesses, and everything life can throw at a married couple)—married life should nonetheless always remain immensely attractive to the celibate.

The priesthood is not for men who choose it as a default because of their own personality foibles that have made long-term relationships with women difficult or impossible.  It is not for men who just don’t like kids, or who just prefer a bachelor’s life style. If you find marriage unattractive, if you cannot see yourself as a good husband and father, you really need to focus on discovering why that is.  And that might even require some professional help.

Do you find emotional intimacy with others difficult or distasteful?  

An affirmative answer here really constitutes a red flag.

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