My oh my, Cardinal Mueller! How I love this robust, straightforward theology

This is awesome!  I am loving this guy as Prefect of CDF:

The prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) warned the faithful against trying to make Christian life easy, in a homily preached in Cordoba, Spain.

“We can deconstruct the Gospel and Tradition and remake them to the liking of today’s world, making their demands easy and accommodating them to the fragile, superficial, immature and post-modern man,” said Cardinal Gerhard Müller. But in doing so, he observed, we would “lose the change to enjoy the authentic happiness that Christ brings.”

Cardinal Müller said that Jesus makes the burdens of life lighter, but the Gospel still makes demands upon believers. Although the German cardinal did not allude to current debates about easing the rigor of Church discipline regarding marriage and divorce, in the past he has spoken out against changes in existing policy.

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