The dueling videos

The Anchoress went ballistic yesterday with this post:

She writes:

I have often (and often!) said that too much Justice, unbalanced by Mercy, or too much Mercy, unbalanced with Justice, tears down the cross by we know come to know Christ Jesus and journey with him, for he is the balance of Justice and Mercy by which all things stand erect.

The upright cross, in fact, is the centering pole for the tent of our civilization, the beacon bringing light to the world. If an when the cross — which the church is charged to guard — becomes unbalanced and falls, only darkness will remain.

These videos eliminate all of that necessary balance. We see here Cardinal Burke presented as “all-[in]justice-no-mercy”: the hand with the heavy, hierarchical hammer! And clearly, we are being prompted to dislike the teaching of the church! Boooooo, Catholic church and churchmen, who want to stop debate!


I watched both the videos last night and I believe these contrasting views set up a false dichotomy.

If these are my only choices, I would side with Cardinal Burke and not the leniency of Cardinal Kasper.  But Cardinal Burke takes way too juridical an approach to marriage in my opinion.  I prefer a more ontological and sacramental approach.  I think Cardinal Ouellet struck the right balance in his Communio article.

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