Fr Raymond de Souza has some interesting synod analysis

From Fr. Raymond de Souza at the National Catholic Register:

What might Benedict himself think of all this? He likely would be surprised — perhaps rueful? — that the long Ratzinger-Kasper theological rivalry has followed them both into retirement. In a peculiar symmetry, the role that he played before the 1985 synod in advancing John Paul’s agenda is apparently now being done for Pope Francis by Cardinal Kasper. The synod of 2014 marks just the latest twist in the intertwined careers of him and Cardinal Kasper. In 1993, Kasper, like Ratzinger, a gifted academic theologian appointed a diocesan bishop in Germany, issued a pastoral letter advocating admitting the divorced and remarried to Communion. Ratzinger, then doctrinal prefect, rejected Kasper’s claim in no uncertain terms on behalf of the Holy See.

In 1999, Pope John Paul appointed Kasper as secretary of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity. When, during the Great Jubilee of 2000, Cardinal Ratzinger published the declaration Dominus Iesus, teaching that Jesus alone is the unique Savior of mankind and that the Catholic Church alone is the fullness of the Church he founded, Kasper was publicly critical. So great was the criticism, fanned by then-Archbishop Kasper, that Pope John Paul took the unusual step of voicing his support for Dominus Iesus at a Sunday Angelus address, making it clear that in the sharp conflict between the two German Curial cardinals, it was Ratzinger who spoke for the pope.

Demonstrating rather impressive magnanimity, Pope John Paul elevated Kasper to the cardinalate a few months later and appointed him president of the Council for Christian Unity in March 2001. Cardinal Ratzinger quickly intervened to have Father Marc Ouellet, a Cardinal Ratzinger pupil then teaching in Rome, appointed secretary of the same council and ordained a bishop on less than three weeks’ notice. The joke in Rome at the time was a play on an old Latin phrase: Quis custodiet ispos custodes? (Who will watch the watchmen?)

Bishop Ouellet’s rapid installation had tongues wagging: Quis custodiet Kasper? Who will watch Cardinal Kasper? Cardinal Ratzinger had installed a reliable theological disciple to keep his German comrade in check. Unsurprisingly, Cardinal Ouellet, now prefect for bishops, recently published his rejection of the Kasper proposals. More than a decade later, he is still keeping watch.


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2 Responses to Fr Raymond de Souza has some interesting synod analysis

  1. pioraviacasino says:


  2. Aloysius Gonzaga says:

    The alarm bells should have gone off as long ago as 2000. For a leader in the Church to take offence at an affirmation that Christ the Lord is the only Saviour, should have been enough to have Kasper sent into exile where he could do no further harm.

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