Great reflection from Fr. Denis Lemieux

First, that God is the author of creation, and that the meaning and order of creation is from Him. We do not make up our own meaning and order, but receive it from Him. Second, that sin has darkened the human world and put our desires into a state of considerable disorder. We cannot just listen to our hearts and follow our bliss; our hearts are, alas, deceptive. Third, that God has restored and perfected His divine order of creation and humanity in Jesus Christ, and is carrying out that work of restoration in every human being who believes in Jesus and comes to Him for healing. The path of discipleship, of obedience, of surrendering our wills and our lives to Jesus Christ is the fundamental moral path, the Law of the Christian.

In practical terms, this means that we don’t get our way in life. We don’t get to do our own thing. We don’t get what we ‘want’, at least not the immediate thing, generally, not usually. We don’t get to cut loose (footloose!), at least not as a general principle. Life as a disciple of Jesus Christ is life lived as a serious choice, made daily that “Not my will, but your will be done, Father.”

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