Sometimes I think Michael Voris is too harsh

Not today, though.  This is a pretty good analysis of the “lio” emanating from the synod

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3 Responses to Sometimes I think Michael Voris is too harsh

  1. John Walter S. says:

    At least you keep an open mind to Michael Voris. Yes, he’s harsh- I can take the harshness; it’s the repetitiveness of it that makes me wonder if anything will happen at all. It makes one numb until one does not really care anymore. That, and the constant plea for subscriptions among other things. We have other things we’d rather put our money into, really. But rest assured, if we need someone telling us how horrible things are, we can count on Michael Voris to be like an excited announcer at a boring football game.

  2. withaz says:

    Nice that you think of the crisis in the Church as a boring football game. That speaks volumes.

    • John Walter S. says:

      This crisis has been around for decades. It’s nothing dramatic, it’s a bunch of clergymen wondering what went wrong after years of neglect and non-action.

      It’s a boring football game. The ball gets passed to one side, and then the other, and all of us dirty peasant laity wouldn’t understand their little political maneuvers.

      Once Pope Francis is gone, it’s more of the same, or something different. Maybe only people who know the rules can actually enjoy the spectacle happening now. The rest of us are fed up with our legs being pulled by clergy who can’t get a straight answer to a question: “Can divorced and remarried people get communion?” and “Are Homosexual unions valid in the eye of the church?” Faithful Catholics know the answer, yet some high-ranking people in the Vatican don’t seem to understand, or know but don’t care, and so a constant twisting occurs.

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