English version of the synod report a “car crash”

Exactly. Great analysis at the Catholic Herald by Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith:

The truth the document tries to convey – and which it does not convey very well – is one of the central truths of the Gospel. Jesus came to call sinners, to repentance, and to new life. How can we make sure that all people, whatever their situation, hear and profit by the universal message of salvation proclaimed by Our Lord?

If the document itself is a car crash, what can we say about the press conference that followed its publication? Here embarrassment is the only charitable feeling. I was not there, but here and here are two people who were. I urge you to read what they have to say. It is astonishing, for this is what it amounts to: three Cardinals and one Archbishop between them had the task of presenting Catholic teaching to the world, and they mucked it up. They were asked straightforward questions, and they waffled. Princes of the Church are supposed to communicate the truth that the Church teaches, and they failed to do so. I am dumbstruck by their failure.

Our Blessed Lord, as I said above, came to call sinners, and sinners responded to His call. His teaching was very clear. The Church too needs to be clear: it needs to be like a lighthouse shining above a dark and troubled sea, a beacon of hope to all who are tossed and turned on the waves.

I mentioned the virtues of beautiful language above. How beautiful is the language of God, and the words of Jesus Christ! How beautiful was the Latin that once made its home in the Catholic Church! How beautiful were some of our vernacular hymns, and the language of our architecture and art! Many Anglicans know this too, and are devoted to Cranmer, an undoubted master of prose style. (How good that they have brought this reverence for words into the Ordinariate with them!) In a recent conversation with an Anglican friend of mine, I heard him lament the way the Catholic Church seemed to be abandoning clarity in its teaching on marriage. He pointed to the example of his own church. Some fifteen years ago the Anglicans decided to show mercy, no doubt with the best of intentions, to those in second unions, and celebrate some second marriages in church, with appropriate safeguards and under certain defined conditions. But now, though there are many Anglican clergy who hold to traditional Christian teaching on marriage, the celebration of ‘second marriages’ has become more or less routine, and the teaching of the Anglican Church on matters matrimonial and sexual has become pretty hard to discern. The Catholic Church, he told me, must heed the warning and not go down this path.

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