Great article on blessing and cursing

Here’s an excerpt and a reminder to pray for priests:

The island is situated along the route of an international drug-shipping route. Consequently, drug houses heavily populate the island—almost one per block. Teenagers and adults from every walk of life frequent these drug houses. Subsequently, many parents asked me to pray with them because their children, several per family, were struggling with drug addiction and worse.

Father ascertained that drug lords are heavily involved in the occult; and that in order to increase the addictive quality of the illegal drugs, satanic curses are placed on the drugs. He was told that satanic curses are also placed on certain music and video games to increase their seductive, addictive and destructive qualities.

Before I continue, please allow me to implore that every reader pray more for priests who are on the frontlines of these spiritual battles. People from every religion and even non-believers seek a Catholic priest when they want out of the grip of evil spirits. Unsuspecting and unprotected people (those who are not clothed in the armor of God per Ephesians Six) can be seduced by the devil’s empty promises. Eventually they become so tormented by their demonic liaison that they want out. The devil does not easily let go of his grip. In most cases he has permission to be there because a person has consented that he enter at the level of their free will. For liberation the person must renounce evil, and often they need the assistance of a Catholic priest to expel the demon. The ordained priest has the authority of the Church behind his prayer to bind and cast demons but he can suffer because of this. Priests are spiritual fathers of God’s family. Most parents relate to the burden bearing we do for our families—tears of intercession that dampened our pillows at night, a pierced heart that cries out for the good of children entrusted to us. A priest does the same for the flock entrusted to his care. He needs to be strengthened by our prayers.

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