Jimmy Akin at the National Catholic Register on the synod

A great round up of the good news and analysis coming out of the synod.

Especially liked this section:

Quoting from press accounts of those who have spoken publicly under their own names:

  • Cardinal Raymond Burke: “There’s a confusion with the regard to the question of people who are living in de-facto unions, or people who are attracted to the same sex are living together, and an inadequate explanation of the relationship of the church to the person,” he said. “I certainly hope that this document will be set aside completely, and there will be an effort made to present the church’s true teaching and pastoral practice, the two of which always go together in a new document.” (source) (more)
  • Cardinal Gerhard Muller: “Undignified, shameful” and “completely wrong.” This was the terse assessment of Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, about the Synod on the Family’s so-called “relatio.” (source)
  • Cardinal Wilfred Napier: [M]edia reaction to the document — some of which called the report a “stunning” change in the Church’s approach to homosexuals — has caused “such an upset among the synod fathers.” He added: “We’re now working from a position that’s virtually irredeemable.” “The message has gone out that this is what the synod is saying, this is what the Catholic Church is saying, and it’s not what we’re saying at all,” Cardinal Napier said. “No matter how we try correcting that, and this is my experience with the media, once it’s out there in the public, there’s no way of retrieving it.” “Just like you, I was surprised that it was published,” he told reporters. “You people got the document before we got it, so we couldn’t have possibly agreed on it.” (source)
  • Cardinal George Pell: [T]he document was an “incomplete resumé” of what the Synod Fathers had said it needed to be “enhanced and corrected”. He added that after the relatio had been presented three-quarters of the participants in the synod hall who had made interventions had voiced problems with the text. “The question of Communion for divorced and remarried is only the tip of the iceberg,” he told The Tablet. “In seeking to be merciful, some want to open up Catholic teaching on marriage, divorce, civil unions, homosexuality in a radically liberalising direction, whose fruits we see in other Christian traditions,” he said. He added it was “strange that there was so little in the document on scriptural teaching and magisterial teaching on marriage, sexuality, family.” “The task now is to reassure good practising Catholics that doctrinal changes are not possible; to urge people to take a deep breath, pause and to work to prevent deeper divisions and radicalising of factions.” (source)
  • Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki: “(It is written) as if the world’s view prevailed and everything was imperfection which leads to perfection,” commented the president of the Polish bishops’ conference. “(In a discussion on the document) attention was paid not so much to what this document says, but to what it does not say. Speak about the practical exceptions, but we also need to present the truth.” The Polish bishops said the relentless focus on mercy is also problematic. “It created an impression that the teaching of the Church has been merciless so far, as if the teaching of mercy were beginning only now” (source)


Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/jimmy-akin/good-news-from-the-synod-of-bishops-12-things-to-know-and-share/#ixzz3GGrz4Dma

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