Robert P. George on the synod

Some great analysis at The Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse by Robert P George. Especially liked this:

I myself think that “orientation” and associated terms (“straight,” “gay,” etc.) are too problematic—too misleading, too suggestive of differences as morally and spiritually important as those denoted by “male” and “female”—to be worth using. I think their use sows confusion.

But—and here’s another critical point—the very bishops who authored the relatio now agree.

At the press conference at which Synod officials presented the relatio, a puzzled reporter asked Cardinal Erdo of Hungary, who took the lead in presenting it, what the sentence about valuing orientation meant. He in turn immediately called on Italian Archbishop Bruno Forte to answer it, saying “he who wrote the text must know what it is talking about.” And Forte responded with a clarification that simply explodes the liberal media’s wishful thinking: “The fundamental idea,” he said, “is the centrality of the person independently of sexual orientation.”

So, again in line with historic Catholic teaching, the Archbishop declared that the person—regardless of his desires or personal challenges—is to be respected and valued, independently of those desires or challenges. In light of this clarification, the final document will surely have revised what the interim report’s authors now effectively admit was a misleading sentence.

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